External alterations to include replacement of 8 timber sash windows to reinstate glazing bars.
Our Response

11 Thomas Street forms part of a Grade II 1830 section of three storey terraced dwellings situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It is sited adjacent to the Grade II 1830 Former Thomas Street Chapel, and forms part of the largely Grade II 1830 Thomas Street running up to meet the Grade II early 19th century terrace at Lyndhurst Place.

BPT previously offered comments in response to application 21/04875/LBA for the replacement of the existing single pane single glazed sash window across the front and rear elevations with six-over-six slimlite double glazed sashes. Given the current Climate Emergency, we were generally supportive of the proposed upgrade of the existing windows with slimlite double glazed units, where this would result in the loss of later Victorian fabric and less than substantial harm to the special interest of the building. Public benefits would include the improved thermal efficiency of the windows as well as the reinstatement of a multi-pane fenestration more in keeping with the original design and appearance of the building, and the wider group value of the terrace.

Application 21/04875/LBA was subsequently granted listed building consent, and as such the principle of slimlite double glazing in this building has been secured. BPT’s original supportive stance on the use of slimlite glazing and the associated public benefits remains valid.

As previously highlighted, other similar window upgrade works along Thomas Street, specifically Nos. 3 & 7, have included an ovolo and lamb’s tongue glazing bar profile (see applications 14/00484/LBA & 18/02720/LBA). The glazing bar design as granted listed building consent for No. 11 utilised an elongated ovolo and fillet style profile.

We reiterate the need for further information to be provided regarding the proposed glazing bar profile selection, in relation to the building and its existing windows, as well as the wider streetscape should there be a locally defined use of a particular glazing bar style. As currently proposed, there is insufficient information regarding the change in glazing bar design from the extant listed building consent. The proposed works offer a positive opportunity to reinstate some of the architectural symmetry and regularity along the terrace as originally designed; we therefore suggest that further consideration is given to the selection of a glazing bar profile in keeping with the profile type seen along the street.

Application Number: 23/01022/LBA
Application Date: 14/03/2023
Closing Date: 19/04/2023
Address: 11 Thomas Street, Walcot, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment