Works in rear garden to include lifting old paving and laying new limestone paving. Removal of concrete slabs in driveway area. Installing gravel grid and gravel to driveway area. Small…
Our Response

Where it is proposed to install approx. 22x spike, step, and down lights, we question whether this volume of lighting is proportionate to the small scale of the rear garden, or the special interest of a Grade I building. As yet there is insufficient information regarding proposed light levels and the cumulative effect of any light spill, or whether this would be suitably constrained within the defined boundary of the building, particularly where the garden overlooks Cavendish Road and therefore experiences some limited public visibility (albeit largely screened by the existing roadside garage). We encourage consideration of a lighting scheme that suitably complements Bath’s existing character as a low-lit city, as well as the group setting of the Grade I terrace and the Cavendish Road streetscape. We recommend that where possible lighting levels are kept to a minimum, which may be achieved by reducing the overall number of lights proposed.

Where it is proposed to lay artificial turf, the use of a quality hard surfacing would be preferable where this would be more in keeping with the traditional palette of materials characteristic of the setting of a listed building, as well as having associated benefits such as improved opportunities for water drainage where a porous system is considered (eg. gravel). With artificial turf, there is general consideration as to the potential risk of microplastics run-off, as well as how it is disposed of at the end of its lifetime and associated carbon costs.

Application Number: 23/00922/FUL
Application Date: 24/03/2023
Closing Date: 29/04/2023
Address: 11 St James's Square, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment