External works to replace BT cable and entry into building to front elevation.
Our Response

11 Pierrepont Street forms part of a Grade II* mix 18th century terrace of townhouses by John Wood the Elder, now in mixed use, situated within the city core of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage Site. It forms part of the setting of a high concentration of Grade II, II*, and I buildings along Manvers Street, and is situated adjacent to the Grade II* 2-6 Pierrepont Street running into the corner of the Grade I South Parade. 11 Pierrepont Street is an unusual insertion within the streetscape with a more modest façade in comparison with its more ornate neighbours, such as its use of plain window reveals and an arched door opening (as seen at Kingston House further down). There is a significant amount of cabling present on the terrace frontage to the detriment of the appearance of multiple listed buildings, including 11 Pierrepont Street.

We are concerned about the addition of further cabling to the front of a listed building due to the addition of further visual clutter which would harm the appearance of a listed building. We note that the new cable proposes to replace the existing cable run between the first and second floors, but we highlight the large amounts of loose cabling around the rainwater goods and run over the top of the parapet, also apparently connected to the BT box. We maintain that this application could offer a positive opportunity for either the removal or re-running of further existing cabling to tidy up the elevation of a Grade II* building. We do not encourage the addition of further, obscuring cabling works and do not consider the existing state of the building an acceptable precedent.

BPT further highlights the lack of information regarding the opening of a hole in the stonework on the second floor, and maintain that further design details are provided considering the high visibility of works and the high significance of the building frontage. It is unclear as to whether this would be drilled into the stonework itself or through the mortar joint.

Application Number: 21/01631/LBA
Application Date: 05/04/2021
Closing Date: 14/05/2021
Address: 11 Pierrepont Street, City Centre
Our Submission Status: Comment