Address and repair areas of historic concrete patching and damaged stonework to principle elevation.
Our Response

11 Bathwick Street forms part of a Grade II section of Georgian terraced townhouses, situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The principal façade of the building forms part of a significant late Georgian road connecting Cleveland Bridge with Sydney Gardens.

The Trust is supportive of the proposed removal of damaging, modern repairs in inappropriate materials, which will stabilise and enhance the appearance and material integrity of a Grade II building. We support ongoing maintenance work which would prevent more significant problems and damage in future, if left unattended.

With regards to the proposed removal of oil-based paint, particularly along the second storey stone sill course, we would usually recommend that these areas are left unpainted, and the exposed stone treated in an appropriate manner. Should this application be consented, we would additionally recommend that the specific colour for the proposed repainting of the sills is provided for reference.

Application Number: 20/02209/LBA
Application Date: 26/06/2020
Closing Date: 06/08/2020
Address: 11 Bathwick Street, Bathwick
Our Submission Status: Support