External works to repair front gates, reinstate ironwork gates and create new vehicular gates.
Our Response

10 Bathwick Hill is a Grade II* late Georgian detached villa situated within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. The boundary wall of the property forms part of this listing designation due to the contemporary age of the stonework, its delineation of the site boundary, and its contribution towards understanding the evidential and social use of the dwelling, with the original gateposts on the eastern end of the wall having originally been designated as a servant’s entrance.

BPT is strongly supportive of the proposal to reinstate the ironwork gates in the two pedestrian entrances, to match the existing railing design at the Grade II 15 Bathwick Hill, which will enhance the otherwise unfinished appearance of the existing boundary wall. We appreciate the slight recession of the new gates to preserve and frame existing evidential traces of the original gate fixing.

We are supportive of the proposed stabilisation of the wall and acknowledge that the wall may need dismantling in order to do this, but we are happy with the proposed recording and numbering of individual stones on site so as to reconstruct the wall with each stone in its original orientation and position, and welcome the level of detail provided within this application regarding proposed works. We do not oppose the creation of new gate piers to match existing with which to regularise the appearance of the modern garage entrance in the boundary wall, and the use of reclaimed Bath stone ashlar will have a suitable patina of age so as not to look overly new in comparison to the existing stonework.

We have no comments regarding the proposed timber-faced sliding gate, but we are pleased to see that the mechanism will not be attached to the wall and is structurally independent. We would note that there does not appear to be mention of the gate’s proposed finish; however, since the Proposed Details for the Front Gate indicate reference to the existing gate at 11 Bathwick Hill, we would encourage the gate to be finished in a similar Bath stone colour finish to ensure a minimal, recessive appearance which will suitably screen the 20th century garage.

Application Number: 20/01304/LBA
Application Date: 06/04/2020
Closing Date: 16/05/2020
Address: 10 Bathwick Hill, Bathwick
Our Submission Status: Support