1 Selworthy House, Sedgemoor Road, Combe Down

Refurbishment of Selworthy and Dunster Houses to comprise of replacement windows, patio doors and the removal of a site laundry store to be made good for car parking.
Our Response

Selworthy House and Dunster House are a series of late 20th residential flats within the Bath World Heritage site, and the indicative townscape setting of the conservation area.

We are not opposed to the refurbishment of windows in this housing development. However, we feel that the replacement of white aluminium with grey uPVC will darken and flatten the overall appearance of both buildings. Considering the local area is predominantly characterised by its prevalent use of white window frames, we would suggest that any window replacements should also be white to suitably harmonise with the buildings’ setting.

Application Number: 20/01173/FUL
Application Date: 24/03/2020
Closing Date: 23/04/2020
Address: 1 Selworthy House, Sedgemoor Road, Combe Down
Our Submission Status: Comment