Erection of 1no. 1bed dwelling following demolition of existing building.
Our Response

1 Margaret’s Hill is situated to the rear of the Grade II elevated Georgian terrace of Walcot Parade, within a historically-sensitive region of the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site. This area is characterised by its low-density development and the positive incorporation of green infrastructure such as mature trees and hedges. Examples of construction directly to the rear of Walcot Parade are typically single storey garages that enable the visual reveal of the rear terrace façade.

The Trust acknowledges the development potential of this area for small-scale, subtle development that will compliment surrounding listed buildings as well as the wider conservation area.

We further appreciate the necessity for residential accommodation near the city centre, and favour the regeneration and reuse of neglected brownfield sites.

BPT does not object to the sensitive, modest approach to contemporary design within areas of historic significance. We support the use of reclaimed Bath stone which maintains an aesthetic connection with the area’s vernacular tradition. We further support the reuse of the existing property footprint and form whilst maintaining a low visual profile by utilising a lower ground floor in the side of Margaret Hill. However, we would like to suggest some clarifications are made to the existing scheme regarding the new-build’s design:

Within the Proposed Images supplied with the application, we were concerned to see that the zinc seamed roof and ‘floating’ walls are presented in a blue colour. We request clarification as to the colour of the zinc detailing on this property, and advocate for the use of a dark grey colour palette that will be more neutral and appropriate within its context.

We further request more information regarding the proposed design of the PV panels on the southern roof slope. BPT encourage the suitable use of microrenewables within the historic landscape in light of the recent Climate Emergency; however, in accordance with Policy SCR2 of the Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan, “the use of monochrome, non-reflective photovoltaic materials to complement the existing roof material” is recommended to minimise visual impact on the conservation area. The Trust further advises the use of integrated PV panels to maintain a smooth and visually unobtrusive roof profile.

However, BPT has some concerns regarding the lack of supporting information provided within this application. In particular, the existing outbuilding structure is not documented to a suitable level of detail, as appropriate for the heritage asset; no photos or floor plans are provided within the application. We seek clarification as to its relationship with Walcot Parade, and consequently as to whether this building falls under curtilage listing by virtue of its pre-1945 position ancillary to 3 Walcot Parade. If it is listed, then this application requires a separate LBA for its demolition or alteration.

Therefore, whilst BPT does not object to the proposed scheme, we request that the application is suitably amended to include further details regarding the design and chosen materials of the new dwelling. We also require detail regarding the existing structure and its historic conditions, and suggest that an LBA might be required in conjunction with the existing application before this scheme can progress further.

Application Number: 19/03999/FUL
Application Date: 14/10/2019
Closing Date: 21/11/2019
Address: 1 Margaret's Hill, Walcot
Our Submission Status: Comment