1 Haygarth Court, Lansdown Grove, Lansdown, Bath

Introducing new glazing to be slim double-glazing units. New sashes are to be fixed into existing window sash boxes to improve thermal efficiency of the building.
Our Response

Haygarth Court is an unlisted late 19th – early 20th century former hospital building, since converted into residential apartments, situated within the Bath Conservation Area and World Heritage Site. The building was formerly in use as a private hospital from 1893, based within what was formerly a late 19th century house which was substantially extended by 1905. The building was further extended to the west by the 1930s in a similar style. The building is recognised as a local feature of interest on the Somerset HER. As existing, the property maintains an elongated and variegated appearance along Lansdown Grove, adjacent to the Grade II Lansdown Grove Hotel, and is made up of an eccentric mix of tiled gable ends, barrel dormers, and projecting turrets on the east end. The original frontage of the house has been retained on the eastern elevation incorporating a grand 5-bay façade with a multi-storey veranda. All existing windows are traditional-style single pane sash windows that are single glazed.

The existing building is an unlisted feature of interest within the local streetscape, and remains an evidently later addition to the otherwise, predominantly late 18th century Georgian architectural typology of the surrounding streetscape.

In response to the declared Climate Emergency, BPT is supportive of sensitive sustainability retrofits, where deemed appropriate, within the historic environment, as well as the sympathetic upgrade of traditional and listed housing stock to better meet modern standards of living.

Where it is proposed to replace the existing windows with slimlite double-glazed equivalents, these would be of a matching style and profile to those windows to be replaced. Whilst the top and bottom rails would be of an increased thickness to appropriately conceal the double glazing spacer and seal, the replacement windows would otherwise largely replicate those existing and subsequently sustain the building’s visual and architectural contribution to the local streetscape within the conservation area.

It is considered that the proposed works would ensure that the building is conserved, having regard to its significance, in accordance with local Policy HE1. Where there would be any limited impact to the overall appearance and character of the building, this would be appropriately outweighed by the benefits of installing windows with a higher thermal performance, resulting in improved sustainability credentials if implemented alongside energy saving habits and improved energy efficiency, and reduced energy costs for residents, and contributing towards to B&NES net zero objectives. The improved thermal performance of the windows would also ensure that the building continues to be fit for use and secure its long-term, sustainable occupation. However, we highlight that retrofit measures should be considered as part of a ‘whole house’ approach in which interventions are considered holistically across the entirety of the building, as well as in conjunction with other available measures (eg. insulation).

Application Number: 22/05034/FUL
Application Date: 13/12/2022
Closing Date: 02/02/2023
Address: 1 Haygarth Court, Lansdown Grove, Lansdown, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support