External works to property to repair and conserve exterior.
Our Response

1 Cavendish Place is a Grade I Georgian terrace designed by John Pinch the Elder in 1810. Part of a wider listed Georgian landscape, including the Grade I Cavendish Place terrace and the high density of Grade II properties along Park Place and Park Street, it remains an integral visual feature at the heart of Bath’s conservation area and World Heritage site. The inclusion of a painted historic street sign in its façade makes it a building of additional special interest within the streetscape as well as the wider conservation area.

BPT fully supports the sensitive cleaning of 1 Cavendish Place’s Bath stone ashlar façade. The removal of calcium sulphate deposits and modern cement repairs will improve the general appearance of the building whilst preventing further damage to existing historic fabric. We encourage the use of natural, permeable materials such as lime-based mortar that are compatible with the building and will extend its future, sustainable function and presence within Bath’s environment. Upon consideration of 1 Cavendish Place’s neighbouring properties, suitable cleaning measures are supported to restore the visual uniformity of the street.

Whilst the removal of gloss paint is detailed for the basement portion of the building as well as sash window frames and doors, the Trust requests that information be provided regarding the necessary repainting of windows and doors, and what materials will be utilised.

Furthermore, we have noticed that no mention is made to how the historic street sign will be cleaned or restored. BPT has been involved in the repair and reinstatement of historic street signs in Bath from 2010, organised and funded by the Bath World Heritage Enhancement Fund. Therefore, we recognise that this is a highly significant feature that positively contributes to and enhances the conservation area, and we would need more information as to how this will be treated. We recommend the use of sensitive, non-invasive conservation methods that will better reveal this unique façade detailing and enhance 1 Cavendish Place’s contribution towards Bath’s “outstanding universal value”.

Application Number: 19/04143/LBA
Application Date: 20/09/2019
Closing Date: 24/10/2019
Address: 1 Cavendish Place, Bath
Our Submission Status: Support