External works to clean stone work to the front elevation of the property.
Our Response

1 Alexander Buildings forms part of a Grade II late Georgian terrace situated along London Road, within the Bath conservation area and World Heritage site.

Whilst we feel that gentle cleaning will improve the appearance of a listed building and the wider terrace, we have concerns regarding the proposed erection of scaffolding. We note that the means of fixing have not been included in this application, and maintain that where possible, scaffolding should be freestanding to minimise the need to drill into the stonework of a primary elevation of a listed building. Should fixings be unavoidable, these should be limited to the mortar joints to minimise irreversible damage. We would therefore recommend further details regarding the schedule of scaffolding be supplied to the LPA, and emphasise the need for a minimally invasive approach.

Application Number: 20/02096/LBA
Application Date: 18/06/2020
Closing Date: 24/07/2020
Address: 1 Alexander Buildings, Lambridge
Our Submission Status: Comment