Placemaking & Design in the Historic Environment

Placemaking & Design in the Historic Environment NEW TBC

When commenting on plans and planning applications for development BPT aims to influence and encourage design excellence in new development which is based on an understanding of each site’s unique history, character and context to create distinctive new places.

NPPF 124-130

Design Codes are now increasingly being used in guiding large- and small-scale development schemes. They are defined in the NPPF as ‘A set of illustrated design requirements that provide specific, detailed parameters for the physical development of a site or area. The graphic and written components of the code should build upon a design vision, such as a masterplan or other design and development framework for a site or area.’

The National Model Design Code was issued by MHCLG in January 2021.

For advice and guidance for tall buildings refer to the Bath Buildings Heights Strategy and Historic England Guidance for

Historic England’s 8 Principles for Good Design are set out in Building in Context

The role of design west