March 2017

B&NES Cabinet decided on 25 January to take forward either Sites B 0r F as an east of Bath Park & Ride site (despite strong representations made by BPT and other opposition groups including the Bathampton Meadows Alliance).  This decision was subsequently ‘called-in’ for scrutiny by councillors as there were widespread concerns regarding the information held in the briefing report on which Cabinet based their decision. On 23 February the Scrutiny Day was held, and again BPT and other groups put forward strong arguments detailing how and where the briefing report was misleading and inaccurate. The Panel voted, mostly along party lines, to uphold the Cabinet decision. Read more on this issue and our detailed public statements here.


January 2017

B&NES announced yesterday (18 Jan) at a closed press conference  that they are putting forward to Cabinet (on 25 January),  sites B and F on the Bathampton Meadows as options for an east park and ride site.  BPT remains strongly opposed to any such development until B&NES can provide robust evidence that the significant harm to the setting of the WHS and the green belt is outweighed by quantified public benefit.  You can see a clip from ITV local news here.


May 2016

BPT took part in the Transport Scrutiny Day on 22 March where a number of speakers including Caroline Kay made presentations on aspects of the Bath Transport Strategy including the east of Bath park and ride proposals. Read BPT’s written position as presented by Caroline Kay here, as well as a summary of our submission here, our formal consultation response here, and BPT’s paper on Traffic from 2005 here.

The Councils ‘Transport Scrutiny Day’ report concluded the following:

  • Sites B&F (Bathampton Meadows) are the only sites suitable to accommodate a large Park and Ride (1500), but recognition that there is significant local opposition;
  • There are some smaller sites which in conjunction with extension to Lansdown might allow an incremental approach;
  • There is still an assertion by B&NES that an East of Ride P&R will reduce commuter traffic;
  • The A36/46 link is mentioned as a desirable though with the suggestion this time of a tunnel.

The links to the reports from the day and the Cabinet briefing are below.



BPT responded to the recent consultation on the East of Bath Park and Ride. Until B&NES can demonstrate that the public benefits outweighs the significant harm to the Green Belt and setting of the World Heritage city, BPT remained opposed to any of the three sites in the east of Bath.  The key issue was the lack of specific empirical evidence by B&NES to support their proposals, particularly in light of recent studies which went some way to discrediting the traffic benefits of Park & Ride schemes, and the established fact that such schemes would displace consumers away from public transport and back into their cars, which is opposed to long term transport strategy.  Read our full response to the consultation here.