What is enforcement?

Unauthorised works constitute alterations or additions to a building or site without the necessary planning permission or listed building consent and in some cases may result in prosecution and fines.

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) have been granted the primary responsibility for taking whatever ‘enforcement action’ they consider necessary in the public interest in their area in order to remedy any breaches of planning regulation and reverse works, such as a Listed Building Enforcement Notice or they can request a retrospective application to regularise the works.

Other forms of planning enforcement include Urgent Works, Repairs Notices and Compulsory Purchase Orders, where listed buildings are uncared for and ‘at risk’.

Where can I learn more?

How can I report a potential planning breach ?

We rely on members of the public to be our eyes and ears. Unauthorised works may cause irreversible harm to Bath’s heritage and landscape value.

Reporting planning breaches to the Local Planning Authority for investigation is completely anonymous. You are encouraged to report issues direct to the Council via their website. You can also email enforcement officers with as much detail as possible about the address and the works at enforcement_planning@bathnes.gov.uk

You can notify BPT of potentially unauthorised works, email conservation@bptrust.org.uk or phone 01225 338727.