There is fairly limited funding available for the maintenance and repair of private domestic properties. If you have a building in mind we are able to give advice as to where to look for funding based on the specific nature of the project.

See examples below of grant-giving organisations for works to listed building, as well as energy efficiency and retrofit home improvements:

  • Historic England Repair Grants – prioritises ‘at risk’ heritage and projects of public benefit.
  • The National Lottery Heritage Fund – prioritises larger scale heritage projects. Does not consider applications for private homes.
  • Historic Houses Foundation – prioritises rural historic buildings and designated Parks & Gardens.
  • National Churches Trust – varying grant amounts to support works to Christian places of worship.
  • F.E Cleary Heritage Fund – offered by the Georgian Group, focuses on repair of Georgian fabric.
  • The Baber Fund – offered by SPAB, focuses on emergency repairs.
  • The World Heritage Site Enhancement Fund – prioritises projects that preserve and reinstate distinctive features of the Bath World Heritage Site.
  • B&NES Energy at Home – funding opportunities for energy efficiency home retrofits. Not specific to listed buildings.
  • CSE – grants and loans for energy efficiency home improvements.
  • Energy Saving Trust – financial support for energy bills or making energy saving changes to your home, as well as incentives for using renewable energy.
  • Energy Service Bristol – advice and initiatives on energy retrofits for businesses and residents.
  • Bright Green Homes – initiative run by Bristol, B&NES and North Somerset councils to fund and support eligible households to install a range of insulation and low carbon technologies.

Heritage Funding Directories:

If you are having difficulty finding the right grant to suit your project you could consider other options to generate interest and support for your project:

  • Fundraising or online crowdfunding.
  • Get together with other local residents or people with a shared interest.
  • Engage with local charitable organisations, heritage groups, and residents’ societies.
  • Set up a community/local group where resources and strategies can be shared.
  • Invite involvement from local councillors and/or MPs.
  • Publicise your project on social media and in local press.
  • Consider opportunities for public benefit as part of your project – this can open up funding opportunities as well as enhance everyone’s experience of the historic environment.