Placemaking Plan adopted

BPT welcomes the adoption by B&NES Council of the Placemaking Plan, the second part of the Local Plan. This gives a clear planning framework for the City. We are delighted that the Inspector insisted on changes to the plan which we had suggested including:

  1. Rewording Policy ST6 (park and rides) to insist that benefit would need to outweigh harm in the World Heritage Site setting, and that the openness of the Green belt is protected;
  2. Rewording para  582 (through traffic) to require the Council, with Wiltshire, to identify solutions to address the problems of through traffic, not just to pursue an A36/46 link assuming this is the solution.
  3. Very importantly, a new para 230A which points out that planning requirements should be reflected in land values, and that developers will not be permitted to build unacceptable developments simply because land has been bought at inflated prices. This latter should give the Council a robust defence when viability appraisals attempt to justify that planning requirements (such as affordable housing) cannot be delivered.
  4. Various changes of emphasis which reinforce heritage considerations.

We recognise that Inspector ruled that the Plan was unable significantly to update the position with new student housing projections and that this will need to be addressed in the Core Strategy 5 year review.









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