Second Floor, 8 Cleveland Place West, Walcot, Bath

Internal and external works to include the following – Damaged walls to be replastered with lime plaster. Structural crack to be repointed with lime mortar. Damaged ceilings to be replaced,…
Our Response

Where works would seek to create a new drain outlet connected to the existing RWP up the rear elevation of the building, any new attachments should be in a matching colour and finish to existing RWPs already in situ to ensure a coherent appearance and finish that does not detract from the elevation’s appearance in streetscape views. Any fixings or new openings should be located in mortared joints between the stonework to minimise as far as possible the irreversible loss of historic stonework.

We are supportive of works to the identified windows as outlined to address previous replacements with sashes of a different profile moulding, as well as the incorrect use of a salvaged top sash as a bottom sash. Works to reinstate sashes with a historic moulding to match the existing sashes to be retained would enhance the appearance and special interest of a listed building. The use of single-glazed bottom sash units is considered appropriate where these would be intended to match those top sashes already in situ.

Application Number: 23/02726/LBA
Application Date: 24/07/2023
Closing Date: 01/09/2023
Address: Second Floor, 8 Cleveland Place West, Walcot, Bath
Our Submission Status: Comment