Gibbs Mews Appeal Success

A small housing development off Walcot Street at Gibbs Mews has been the subject of considerable ongoing community agitation and controversy. During and after construction it became apparent that the developers had no intention of building in the ‘natural Bath stone ‘required by their planning permission, but instead in an artificial Bath stone.

Despite warnings from the Council’s enforcement officers, the development was completed and retrospective planning permission was sought for the inappropriate material. When the retrospective planning application was refused, the developers appealed. Having made numerous objections to the aforementioned planning applications and wishing to reinforce the importance of appropriate materials to Bath’s conservation area and to the World Heritage Site the Trust joined the objectors at the appeal having made a written submission to the Inspector prior to the hearing.

The Trust is pleased that the planning Inspector found for the Council and the protestors, including the Trust. We now wait to see how rigorously the Council apply enforcement proceedings.

To see the Inspector’s full decision please follow this link:

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