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Scrutiny Panel Day

On Thursday 23 February the B&NES Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel for Communities, Transport and Environment held a review day to consider the recent decision on P & R sites made by Cabinet.  The decision was ‘called-in’ by 13 councillors who are concerned regarding:

  • how residents were engaged during the consultation process
  • Insufficient consideration of the conclusions from the Policy Development & Scrutiny Inquiry day into alternative integrated transport solutions
  • Too much weight  was placed on the report from the Local Development Framework Recommendations
  • The Cabinet report was misleading, incomplete and inaccurate

Despite strong representations to the Panel from the Bathampton Meadows Alliance, the National Trust and ourselves, amongst others, the Panel voted – seemingly upon party lines – to uphold the Cabinet decision to take forward sites B and F as the Park & Ride option sites.  

Historic England response to Cabinet decision

Historic England considers that the Cabinet report  on P & R underplays the importance of the World Heritage Site.  You can read their letter to B&NES here: Historic England P & R Letter.

Cabinet Decided 25 January

Despite the best efforts of a diverse, learned and highly credible opposition, Site B on Bathampton Meadows has been chosen by Cabinet to take forward as the east of Bath Park & Ride site. Caroline Kay made the BPT case AGAINST an east of Bath Park & Ride at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting. You can read Caroline’s 3 minute statement PR STATEMENT TO CABINET JAN 17 and our Background Paper here BPT P & R Background Paper Jan 2017

The meeting has been webcast and you can watch it here.



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