Conservation Conversation

We need hear your views about the importance of the conservation area and any issues affecting it. As part of our civic led project to complete a character assessment of Lower Lansdown & Camden we are gathering information from residents and members about the value and character of this area, including opportunities for enhancement, and the strengths and weaknesses and threats facing this neighbourhood.

We are calling on anyone interested to support this project by undertaking a rapid assessment of the area or by simply telling us about the strengths and weaknesses of the area , any part of the area or even just one street.  Please email us for a survey form and a map and lets us know what matters most to you about this area, and what you think we should be taking into account when assessing the character of the area and making recommendations for the future management of development and enhancement within this part of the city.

 Click here for  more details on the 50th anniversary of the Bath conservation area and the conservation area appraisal work

Please return completed forms to

We look forward to hearing from you!




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