Sulis Down

In May 2017 a planning application was submitted for 173 dwellings with associated public realm and infrastucture on Phase 1 of the site, being the parcel of land west of Sulis Manor.  The Trust has continued to support the garden suburb ‘arts and crafts’ architecture and design of the scheme, and it is clear that the applicant wants to create a high quality new neighbourhood, however our continual and historic concern regarding potential ‘boundary creep’ and overdevelopment of the site due to the lack of an overall comprehensive masterplan still stand.  You can read our detailed response here: Sulis Down planning app July 2017

In November 2016 the Hignett Family Trust with Bloor Homes launched a consultation on Phase 1 of this scheme with around 180 homes planned for the west of the site.  BPT met with Ben Pentreath (Architect) and the development team to understand the design brief for this first phase amongst other considerations. Whilst we supported the ‘garden suburb’ design and public realm proposals for this phase 1, we continued to be concerned regarding the lack of an overall masterplan for the plateau as well as the potential overdevelopment of the site with over 450 homes.  Our detailed response is here: Sulis Down Public Consultation FINAL doc


Sulis Down (Nov 2015)

Following Public Inquiry the Planning Inspector finally ruled on the Core Strategy in 2014, releasing land within the Green Belt for development at South Stoke Plateau. We have been actively engaged in the development of the masterplan for the site and the Trust was represented over a week of workshops to consider matters including heritage and design, ecology, employment and access.

November 2015: The Trust has responded to the consultation on the Sulis Down development site.  We have serious concerns about the increase in housing numbers from 300 to 600 and the associated increases in site boundaries and access arrangements that will potentially harm the South Stoke conservation area, AONB, Green Belt and Wansdyke Scheduled Ancient Monument.  There is insufficient evidence for these changes under placemaking principles contained in the Core Strategy policy B3A. You can read our full response here: Sulis Down Consultation Response Nov 2015



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