Sawclose Casino

Clarification of Trust position following quote in the Bath Chronicle’s coverage of the impending determination of the Saw Close casino development planning application.

The article on 5th Feb reported that “The Trust is of the opinion that introducing a new modern build of good design has the opportunity to improve the rather chaotic collection of existing buildings, and make an attractive addition to the public realm.”

Bath Preservation Trust would like to make clear to our members and to the public that the ‘quote’ in the Chronicle is an extract from the Planning Officer’s report, which has been abbreviated from our fuller response to the planning application.

The Trust Architecture and Planning Committee had two pre-application meetings with the developers and their architects (Aaron Evans Partnership) and then considered the planning application as submitted and the amendments made subsequently. We made a number of detailed comments, both positive and negative, which added up to a nuanced position that was neither an objection nor a support: rather it was a ‘comment’. The extract in the Chronicle does not therefore represent the Trust’s position.

To see our unabridged comment on the original proposals please follow this link: Saw Close – BPT response

The application will be considered by Development Control Committee on Wednesday the 12th February. The Trust is not planning to speak at the meeting as, having neither supported nor objected, we do not have a role to do so.

For the full chronicle article please see: .


UPDATE: 13 February

Saw Close casino decision deferred

Following the meeting of the Development Control Committee on Weds 12th February, committee councillors have voted to defer the decision on the development in Saw Close.

They said that the proposal was ‘almost perfect’ but that it needed ‘softening’ to fit in with the surrounding area.

Councillor Les Kew said: “The basic idea is right, but it needs to be softened. If that happens then I think we have got the right idea for the area. We have an opportunity here and we need to make sure we get this right so that it compliments everything else in Saw Close.”

Councillor Douglas Nicol said: “I do feel that we have been let down by Saw Close for at least 20 years. This is the opportunity to do something really good and I don’t think we should let that opportunity slip away from our grasp.”

The proposals and any new changes will be considered at next month’s DCC meeting.

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