South Quays

The Trust has been pleased to be regularly consulted on the pre-application plans for this large development on the former Stothert & Pitt Site, south of the river near Green Park.   The recent planning application for two apartment blocks and a large employment building has however concerned the Trust.  Whilst we fully support the ambitions to develop this site with contemporary residential and business buildings (and the benefits such a scheme would bring to the city), and to  refurbish the listed Newark Works building, the proposed landmark business building is too high, bulky and monolithic for its location in the centre of the World Heritage Site. As proposed currently it would interrupt important views into and out of the city centre and fails to reflect local built heritage or context. You can read our detailed response here: South Quays 2016

Update: Following revisions to the roofscape and materials within the scheme submitted in late 2016 the BPT has carefully reviewed the revised scheme but has concluded that the changes do not address our main concerns regarding bulk and massing and we continue to worry about the lack of contextual relationship between the landmark building and the World Heritage site in terms of long views, riverscape and local built heritage. Our detailed objection to the revised plans can be read here: BPT South Quays Revisions Response December 2016

In February 2017 a third version of the scheme was submitted.  We have reviewed this iteration in detail and have welcomed the significant changes made to the scheme, which we feel has reduced the potential harm to the WHS and cityscape.  You can read our full response here: March Amendments Bath Quays South Development Site

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