Cricket Club

The Trust was dismayed to learn of proposals to erect a student accommodation scheme on the site of the Cricket Club car park on North Parade.  The subsequent planning application gave us no comfort.  Not only is the proposed use unacceptable in the context of a housing shortage in Bath where brownfield sites are being taken up with more and more student accommodation (this being the most profitable form of development) but the scale, height and massing of the scheme we felt was too great for the site and too dominant and imposing in this area of fine grained historic townscape that forms an important part of the WHS.  The scheme takes over most of the site with no permeability and intrudes into views through and over the site, as well into the setting of many listed buildings and structures including the historic canal. We have issued a strong objection to the scheme, referring obviously to the inappropriate use and also suggesting that the buildings should be far more broken up and articulated in order to provide glimpses through the scheme and to break up the sense of monolithic scale.

You can read our detailed response here: Cricket Club

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