Landscape Setting

City of Bath World Heritage Site Setting

The landscape of Bath and its surroundings contribute significantly to the special character of the World Heritage Site, and is a key aspect of Bath’s Outstanding Universal Value. The management of this ‘setting’ is very important in order to maintain the character and significance of the World Heritage Site. But how do we define ‘setting’, what is important about it and how do we assess the potential impacts of proposed developments upon it?

The key purpose of this document is to provide this information and the tools needed for the effective protection and appropriate management of the World Heritage Site setting in support of policies in the Local Plan and the Core Strategy once it is adopted.

The protection of the setting has value not only in protecting the historic importance of the World Heritage Site but also contributes directly to the economy, health and welfare of the city and its surrounding villages and its residents by maintaining and enhancing the quality of the environment surrounding Bath. This helps to foster a sense of belonging and helps to build a stronger economy.

The document is intended for use by developers, agents and development management planners when considering development proposals. It is also intended for use by landowners and managers of land when considering proposals for change and when considering management operations. It is also hoped it will be of interest to residents and visitors in appreciating the relationship of the surroundings of Bath to the city.

The City of Bath World Heritage Site Setting Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was approved for adoption by the Council’s Cabinet on 23rd November 2012:

It is anticipated that the final version of the SPD will be adopted in the early Spring 2013. The SPD will then be published along with the Adoption Statement which will list the places where the SPD and Consultation Statement can be viewed.

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