Joint Spatial Plan & Transport Vision



The Spatial Plan sets out the strategy for building 85,000 new homes within the 4 counties, with a focus on affordability, practicality and environmental neutrality. The Transport Vision is a joint blueprint for transport solutions and infrastructure to support growth in the region.

In late 2016 BPT consulted on the Joint West of England Spatial Plan BPT response JWE Spatial Plan Dec16 and the Joint Transport Vision BPT response JWE transport vision Dec16.  Our key messages include a call for Wiltshire to be involved in the plans, for viability appraisals to be an open book process to deal with developers reneging on affordable housing responsibilities, and for party houses and Air BnB style properties to be placed under tighter policy controls.  We have several serious and detailed concerns regarding the proposed Transport Vision including the possibility of a freight consolidation unit on Bathampton Meadows, and we call for a regional approach to demand management (such as low emission zones and congestion charging).

In Autumn 2017  the JSP issued a consultation on the Publication Document. The Trust has responded to this consultation which covers housing numbers and the associated spatial strategies and our key messages are:

1)      market-led student housing should not go on land suitable for other purposes and there should be control of the type of student hosing built so that it meets actual needs rather than reaching only for the richer overseas student market

2)      better ways of ensuring delivery of affordable housing should be found in order to resist calls for over provision of market housing and ever expanding use of greenfield/green belt land

3)      The failure of both plans properly to address the ‘duty to cooperate’ in relation to the spillover of Bath’s housing and transport market area into West Wilts and Mendip.

We will continue to scrutinise details and respond to consultations as they come forward from the JWECA.


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