B&NES Core Strategy Review & Placemaking

Core Strategy Review

B&NES is preparing a new Local Plan up until 2036, which will sit alongside the new Joint Spatial Plan for the West of England which provides the overarching strategic  planning context for the four West of England local authorities.  The Local Plan is essentially an update of the Core Strategy and is primarily concerned with the use and development of land (housing etc.) and will sit with the new Placemaking Plan now adopted into policy. B&NES commenced an Issues and Options consultation in November 2017 to review the vision, priorities and strategy of the Local Plan, including a focus on strategic development locations and university issues (student housing).  At the same time the JSP issued a consultation on the Publication Document. The Trust has responded to these consultations which cover housing numbers and the associated spatial strategies and our key messages are:

1)      market-led student housing should not go on land suitable for other purposes and there should be control of the type of student hosing built so that it meets actual needs rather than reaching only for the richer overseas student market

2)      better ways of ensuring delivery of affordable housing should be found in order to resist calls for over provision of market housing and ever expanding use of greenfield/green belt land

3)      The failure of both plans properly to address the ‘duty to cooperate’ in relation to the spillover of Bath’s housing and transport market area into West Wilts and Mendip

Following a further consultation in the spring of 2018, and a preferred Options Plan issued in the summer, a draft Local Plan will be consulted upon in Autumn 2018 with an examination occurring in 2019.

Placemaking Plan

The Placemaking Plan, Part 2 of the Local Plan, was Examined in Public in late 2016 and following the Inspector’s revisions, was adopted by B&NES in 2017.  You can find the Plan, which sets out the parameters and principles for placemaking and development in B&NES here.



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