Lower Lansdown & Camden character area

Community Led Conservation Area Character Assessment

With help from volunteers BPT will be leading on a detailed character assessment of the Lower Lansdown and Camden sub-area.

While this area is dominated by Georgian architecture, which begins at Queen Square and extends high up the hill to Lansdown Crescent, the area also includes many homes built in the 1960’s and 70’s where 18th century terraces were demolished, contemporary architecture on infill sites, and the development of new housing on the Hope House site. This project will seek to identify the special character of the area, identify how it has developed overtime, what buildings, spaces and views contribute to the sense of place. What is important in this area, and what is not.

Why are we doing this?

Objectives of the project;

  • To support the faster completion of an updated CACA for Bath.
  • To collectively identify characteristics which make an important contribution to the character of this area.
  • To identify undesignated heritage assets and list buildings of local importance.
  • To identify issues and development and enhancement opportunities.
  • To guide future development and support better management of the historic environment.
  • To help the local community (of which BPT is part) have a greater sense of ownership of the objectives, and management tools for their neighbourhood.
  • To raise awareness and to educate.


We are inviting members of the community to get involved in this community led conservation area character assessment.

We want to know what matters most about your neighbourhood? What’s special or problematic about the buildings and streets where you live? And where can be improvements be made?

We will aim to engage all residents on matters affecting their neighbourhood, and the wider community who have an interest in this part of the city.

Ways to get involved…

Undertake a rapid assessment of your neighbourhood or street: surveys can be downloaded here:CACA RAPID ASSESSMENTSWOT survey

Tell us a story about your neighbourhood or street? Do you have an image or photograph to illustrate it?  It can be anything relating to the architecture, influential people, change, past events or building uses.

List your Preferences & Priorities for Places

  1. Top 3 issues.
  2. Top 3 best ideas for improving the place or character of the area (list your preferences and priorities)

Register for upcoming workshop with Historic England. Email Joanna below.

Or simply drop us an email with your thoughts.

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