Bath Preservation Trust has an extensive reference library based at the Museum of Bath Architecture covering the history, landscape and architecture of Bath, and containing numerous works on British architectural history, eighteenth century interiors and furniture and building conservation.

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Bath Preservation Trust Books and Publications

Guide Books

Building of Bath Collection (now the Museum of Bath Architecture)

Beckford’s Tower

No.1 Royal Crescent

Publications, Pamphlets & Articles

A is For Acanthus, Building of Bath Museum.

Obsession, Building of Bath Museum.

Talking Buildings, Building of Bath Museum.

The Building of Bath, Building of Bath Museum.

Beyond Mr. Pulteney’s Bridge, Bath Preservation Trust, 1987.

Conservation in Bath, Bath Preservation Trust, 2000.

Hurst, R.T., Navigation and the River, Bath Preservation Trust, 1991.

Woodward, C., Kelly, F., and McLaughlin, D., Stone, No. 1 in a series of Conservation advisory booklets, Building of Bath Museum and Bath City Council, 1994.

Woodward, C. Windows, No. 2 in a series of Conservation advisory booklets, Building of Bath Museum and Bath City Council, 1994.


Ayres, J., Building The Georgian City, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1998.

Ayres, J., The Building of an 18th Century City Bath Spa, Bath Preservation Trust, 1991.

Fawcett, T., Paving, Lighting, Cleansing, Street Improvements and Maintenance in Eighteenth Century Bath, Building of Bath Museum, 1994.

Fergusson, A., The Sack of Bath: A record and indictment, Compton Russell, 1973.

Fergusson, A., and Mowl, T., The Sack of Bath – and After, Michael Russell, 1989.

Ison, W,. Georgian Buildings of Bath, Spire Books Ltd in association with The Bath Preservation Trust, 2004.

Manco, J., Pulteney Bridge, Bath Preservation Trust, 1995.

Mowl, T., Palladian Bridges, Millstream Books in association with Bath Preservation Trust, 1993.

Research & Reference

Interiors Survey Guide (Bath Preservation Trust).

Interiors Surveys Alphabetical (Bath Preservation Trust).

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