Planning a Visit to the Archives

Planning a visit to the Archives 

If you wish to consult the archives please follow these next steps.

1. Search archives

Much of our archives library is now searchable on-line. Click on this link to search the on-line catalogue.

To access the archives you  must make an appointment with the Archivist.  To ensure that we can give you as much help as possible with your research first search the on-line catalogue and make a note of any reference numbers for items you may wish to consult.

2. Contact the Archivist

Contact the Archivist by email or telephone 01225 333895 to book an appointment.

Please give as much detail as possible about what you are researching and any references for items from the catalogue you wish to consult.


As the result of a partnership with the Bath in Time image website, many of the Bath Preservation Trust’s extensive historic images of Bath have been digitised and can now be viewed online, and prints obtained.

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