The Work of the Trust

Bath Preservation Trust is a local amenity group and registered charity. It was set up in 1934 to safeguard the historic city of Bath, now the only complete city in the UK afforded World Heritage Site status. The purposes of the Trust are:

– to encourage and support the conservation, evolution and enhancement of Bath and its environs within a framework appropriate both to its historic setting and its sustainable future, and

– to provide educational resources, including museums, which focus on the architectural and historic importance of the city.

The Trust does this by:

– Campaigning and providing expert advice and opinion of planning applications, planning policy and legislation, and other matters affecting the World Heritage site and its environs;

– Running museums with specific themes and collections relating to the Georgian period, its economy, its buildings, social life and personalities;

– Providing educational resources, lectures, talks and events for all ages, in particular relating to the Georgian buildings in Bath and the wider architectural development of the City; and

– Having the active membership of involved and concerned subscribers.

The Trust is supported by over 1400 members, who share a passionate concern and interest in the city.  We receive no national or local government funding other than occasional project funding, and instead are financially supported by our members, by grants and donations, and by income from our museums.

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